The Annual of Scientific Discovery, Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art

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Gould and Lincoln, 1855

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Page 165 - ... the same voltaic source, the same current in the same length of the same wire, gives a different result as the intensity is made to vary, with variations of the induction around the wire. The idea of intensity or the power of overcoming resistance, is as necessary to that of electricity, either static or current, as the idea of pressure is to steam in a boiler, or to air passing through apertures or tubes ; and we must have language competent to express these conditions and these ideas.
Page 228 - The natural excitation of osmose in the substance of the membranes or cell-walls dividing such solutions seems, therefore, almost inevitable. In osmose there is, further, a remarkably direct substitution of one of the great forces of Nature by its equivalent in another force — the conversion, as it may be said, of chemical affinity into mechanical power. Now, what is...
Page 165 - The production of a polarized state of the particles of neighboring matters by an excited body, constitutes induction, and this arises from its action upon the particles in immediate contact with it, which again act upon those contiguous to them, and thus the forces are transferred to a distance. If the induction remain undiminished, then perfect insulation is the consequence ; and the higher the polarized condition which the particles can acquire or maintain, the higher is the intensity which may...
Page 348 - Nymphaa alba, though it may be larger; nor is it so abundant an ornament of the tropical waters as the latter is of ours. But the question is not to be decided by a comparison of individual plants, or the effects they may produce in the landscape, but on the frequency with which they occur, and the proportion the brilliantly coloured bear to the inconspicuous plants.

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