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Page 176 - Within thy beams, 0 Sun ! or who could find, Whilst fly, and leaf, and insect, stood revealed, That to such countless orbs thou mad'st us blind ? Why do we then shun death with anxious strife ? If light can thus deceive, wherefore not life ? J. Blanco White.
Page 129 - [May, 1849. PICTURE-MAKING. But know that in the soul Are many lesser faculties, that serve Reason as chief: Among these, Fancy next Her office holds; of all external things Which the five watchful senses represent, She forms imaginations, aery shapes, Which reason joining or disjoining frames All what we affirm, or what deny, and call Our knowledge or
Page 90 - Truth, crushed to earth, will rise again, The Eternal years of God are hers; But Error, wounded, writhes in pain, And dies amid her
Page 68 - In style, to consider what ought to be written, and after what manner; he must first think and excogitate his matter; then choose his words, and examine the weight of either. Then take care in placing and ranking both matter and words, that the composition be comely; and to do this with diligence, and often. No matter how slow the
Page 28 - I being the first Christian this proud King and his grim attendants euer saw: and thus inthralled in their barbarous power, I cannot say I felt the least occasion of want that was in the power of those my mortal foes to preuent, notwithstanding
Page 68 - be at first, so it be labored and accurate; seek the best, and be not glad of the forward conceits, or first words that offer themselves to us, but judge of what we invent, and order what we approve.
Page 28 - with her father, that I was safely conducted to lames towne, where I found about eight and thirtie miserable poore and sicke creatures, to keepe possession of all those large territories of Virginia, such was the weakness of this poore Commonwealth, as had the
Page 28 - and power, sought to surprize mee, hauing but eighteene with mee, the dark night could not affright her from comming through the irksome woods, and with watered eies gaue me intelligence, with her best aduice to escape his furie ; which had hee knowne, hee had surely slaine her.' " People have nowadays got a strange opinion that every thing should be
Page 28 - ' That some ten yeeres agoe being in Virginia, and taken prisoner by the power of Powhatan their chiefe King, I receiued from this great Saluage exceeding great courtesie, especially from his sonne Nantaquaus, the most manliest, comeliest, boldest spirit, I euer saw in a Saluage, and his sister Pocahontas, the Kings most deare and wel-beloued daughter, being but a
Page 96 - the wants of the American reader. The elaborate and stately Essays of the Edinburgh, Quarterly, and other Reviews ; and Blackioood's noble criticisms on Poetry, his keen political Commentaries, highly -wrought Tales, and vivid descriptions of rural and: mountain Scenery ; and the contributions to Literature, History, and Common Life, by the sagacious Spectator, the sparkling Examiner, the judicious

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