The novels of Frederika Bremer. 11 vols. [in 12 pt.].

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Page 327 - I should love to return to it as a spirit, and impart to man the deepest of that which I have suffered and enjoyed, lived and loved. And no one need fear me ; — should I come in the midnight hour to a striving and unquiet spirit, it would be only to make it more quiet, its night-lamp burn more brightly, and myself its friend and sister.
Page 97 - Even in extreme old age she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen...
Page 112 - And roused devotion in each thoughtless breast. He sang of Palestine — that holy land, Where saints and martyrs, and the warrior brave, The cross in triumph planting on its strand, Beneath its banners sought a glorious grave. He sang of Calvary, of his Saviour sang, Of the rich mercies of redeeming love; When through the crowd spontaneous plaudits rang, Breathing a foretaste of rewards above.
Page 103 - The principal and most sacred tree of the gods is the Ash-tree, Yggdrasill, which is the best and greatest of all trees. Its branches extend over the whole universe, reaching beyond the heavens ; its stem bears up the earth ; its three roots stretch themselves wide around ; one is amongst the Gods ; another with the Frost-Giants, where Ginnungagap was before ; the third covers Niffi-heim.
Page 245 - Judith !" exclaimed Delphine, and there was a tone of horror in her voice. " You will own that I am not in the habit of saying things without good reason ?" " Oh, yes !" " Then think about this, dear. It would be painful for many reasons to leave Yoresett.
Page 332 - ... night is over ! If it be desired to hear anything of my writings, it may be said that they began in the eighth year of my age, when I...
Page 331 - Has she become notorious in beauty or renown ? No ! the illusions of youth are past, — the season of youth is over ; and yet she is again young, for there is freedom in the depths of her soul. The light has penetrated...
Page 109 - Illustrated with Views, from Original Sketches by DH M'Kewan, engraved on wood, and lithographed, by T. and E. Gilks. Square 8vo. with Map, 14s. cloth.
Page 113 - Ere long thine every stream shall find a tongue, Land of the Many Waters ! But the sound Of human music, these wild hills among, Hath no one save the Indian mother flung Its spell of tenderness ? Oh, o'er this ground So redolent of...
Page 113 - Eastern garden, with the music of birds and falling waters singing in our ears at every step. His poems are distinguished by severe intellectual beauty, by dulcet sweetness of expression, a wise and hopeful spirit, and complete command over every variety of rhythm.

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