Selected Essays, Volume 2

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1878

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Page 13 - of diversified mosaic: such a tesselated pavement without cement; here a bit of black stone and there a bit of white ; patriots and courtiers: king's friends and republicans : whigs and tories : treacherous friends and open enemies : that it was indeed a very curious show, but utterly unsafe to touch, and unsure to stand
Page 57 - mercenary sons of rapine and plunder; devoting them and their possessions to the rapacity of hireling cruelty ! If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms—never—never— never.
Page 55 - I rejoice that America has resisted; three millions of people so dead to all the feelings of liberty as voluntarily to submit to be slaves would have been fit instruments to make slaves of the rest.
Page 34 - hardly go down at Melton) to place it in the mouth of Ehoderic Dhu:— ' Though space and law the stag we lend, Ere hound we slip, or bow we bend, Who ever reck'd, where, how, or when The prowling fox was trapp'd and slain
Page 130 - On the morning of his execution, Charles I. said to his groom of the chambers, ' Let me have a shirt on more than ordinary, by reason the season is so sharp as probably may make me shake, which some observers will imagine proceeds from fear. I would have no such imputation; I fear not
Page 78 - peril—in the glory shall we not be permitted to participate ? and shall we be told, as a requital, that we are estranged from the noble country for whose salvation our life-blood was poured out ?' The wave of his hand towards the peers' bench was the signal for vociferous cheering: still more
Page 98 - Pride in their port, defiance in their eye, I see the lords of human kind pass by.' Have they in any respect degenerated since then
Page 110 - It is hard on Scipio to be deprived of his prescriptive reputation for continence on no better testimony than this. But' be thou as chaste as ice, as pure as snow, thou shalt not escape calumny.' A German pedant has actually ventured to question the purity of Lucretia. By way of set-off, Messalina has been brought upon the French stage as the innocent victim of calumny. A
Page 278 - The spirit of the Sabbatarian legislation, when uncontrolled, may be inferred from a few articles in the Transatlantic Codes or Regulations collected by Dr. Hessey:— ' No one shall run on the Sabbath Day, or walk in his garden, or elsewhere, except reverently to and from meeting. ' No one shall travel, cook victuals, make beds, sweep house, cut hair, or shave on the Sabbath Day.
Page 78 - death fell in showers—when the artillery of France was levelled with a precision of the most deadly science—when her legions, incited by the voice and inspired by the example of their mighty leader, rushed again and again to the onset—tell me if, for an instant, when to hesitate for an instant was to be lost, the " aliens

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