The lives of the English bishops from the Restauration to the Revolution [by N. Salmon].

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Page 32 - Let the Dead bury their Dead, but go thou and " preach the Kingdom of God. And fo I went from ** the Grave to the
Page 146 - are departed in the true Faith of thy holy name, may have our •perfect- confummation and blifs, both in Body and Soul, in thy eternal and everlafting Glory.
Page 325 - Yet all of us hold this for true, No Faith is to the Wicked due•, For Truth is precious and divine, Too rich a pearl for Carnal Swine. The
Page 185 - thoughts that does bring Lies " in favour: But a natural, though corrupt love " of the Lie itfelf. One of the later Schools
Page 119 - of the Clergy. He faid, if the " Clergy had done their part, it had been an eafy " thing to run down the Nonconformifts: But he *' added, they will do nothing, and will have me *' do every thing: And moft of them do
Page 201 - having defigned him for Luck's fake, and being *' well acquainted with his temper, concluded that " he would be made a property in" this as well as " he had been in the long Parliament, when he " always complied with that Party that was moft " powerful.
Page 117 - by men of all fides and forts, of any man I have " ever known in my whole life. He was a pious " man, and in the midft of Armies and Courts,
Page 226 - Rules and to their Duty : On the contrary, " there was a levity and a carnal way of Living " about them, that very much fcandalized me. " There was indeed one Scougal Bifhop of
Page 117 - He was afterwards the firft former of " the Royal Society, and its firft Prefident; and " while he lived, he was the life and foul of that " body. He had an equality of temper in him " that nothing could alter ; and was in
Page 271 - there broke in upon the Church a great deal of " Luxury and High Living, on the Pretence of

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