The General Biographical Dictionary:: Containing an Historical and Critical Account of the Lives and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in Every Nation; Particularly the British and Irish; from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time..

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J. Nichols and Son [and 29 others], 1813

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Page 400 - Some reflections on that part of a book called Amyntor, or a defence of Milton's life (written by Toland), which relates to the writings of the primitive fathers, and the canon of the New Testament. In a letter to a friend.
Page 467 - I have been bullied by an usurper, I have been neglected by a court, but I will not be dictated to by a subject : your man shan't stand. " ANNE, Dorset, Pembroke, and Montgomery.
Page 478 - That all acquisitions made under the influence of a military force or by Treaty with foreign Princes do of right belong to the State.
Page 336 - An account of the conduct of the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough, from her first coming to court to the year 1710. In a letter from herself to my lord...
Page 118 - In the year 1734, some gentlemen who had travelled in Italy, desirous of encouraging at home a taste for those objects which had contributed so much to their entertainment abroad...
Page 467 - To recur to examples : the famous answer returned by the Countess of Dorset to the letter of Sir Joseph Williamson, secretary of state to Charles the Second, nominating to her a member for the borough of Appleby, is an excellent illustration of this doctrine.
Page 277 - His doubts grew out of himself; he assisted them with all the strength of his reason: he was then too hard for himself: but finding as little quiet and repose in those victories, he quickly recovered, by a new appeal to his own judgment: so that in all his sallies and retreats, he was in fact his own convert.
Page 319 - Society, he was, for his known love of letters and conversation with learned men, elected a member of it in Dec. 1664. In the same year he was appointed one of the commissioners of the court of claims in Ireland ; and, upon his return, one of the clerks comptrollers of the green cloth. Notwithstanding his engagements in these public offices, he found time to draw up a kind of political essay upon the history of England, which was published...
Page 125 - THE Iliads of HOMER, Prince of Poets, never before in any language truly translated, with a Comment on some of his chief PlacesDone according to the Greek by GEORGE CHAPMAN, with Intro.
Page 20 - Burleigh, if any one came to the Lords of the Council for a license to travel, he would first examine him of England; and if he found him ignorant, would bid him stay at home and know his own country first.

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