The Religion of the Ancient Greeks

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C. Elliot and T. Kay, 1788 - 327 pages

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Page 105 - Let us only, if you please, to take leave of this subject, reflect upon this occasion on the vanity and transient glory of this habitable world. How by the force of one element breaking loose upon the rest, all the varieties of nature, all the works of art, all the labours of men are reduced to nothing. All that we admired and adored before as great...
Page 106 - Sea ; this huge mass of stone is softened and dissolved, as a tender cloud, into rain. Here stood the African mountains, and Atlas with his top above the clouds. There was frozen Caucasus, and Taurus and Imaus, and the mountains of Asia. And yonder towards the north, stood the Riphaean Hills, clothed in ice and snow.
Page 106 - But it is not cities only, and the works ofmens bands; the everlofting hills, the mountains and rocks of the earth are melted, as 'wax before the fun, and their place is no where found. Here ftood the Alps, the load of the earth, that covered many countries, and reached their arms from the ocean to the Black fea.
Page 105 - Vanity and transient Glory of all this habitable World; how, by the Force of one Element breaking loose upon the rest, all the Varieties of Nature, all the Works of Art, all the Labours of Men, are reduced to nothing; all that we admired and adored before, as great...
Page 105 - ... of this earth ; what is become of her now ? She laid her foundations deep, and her palaces were ftrong and fumptuous: She glorified herfelf, and lived delicioufly, and faid in her heart, I fit a queen, and fhall fee no forrow.
Page 202 - O mysteries truly sacred ! exclaims the Bishop of Alexandria in holy transport, O pure Light ; at the Light of Torches, the veil that covers God and Heaven falls off. I am holy now that I am initiated. It is the Lord himself who is the Hierophanta. He sets his seal upon the Adept, whom he illuminates with his beams : and whom, as a recompense for faith, he will recommend to the eternal love of the Father. These are the orgies of my mysteries, come ye and be...
Page 106 - African moun" tains, and Atlas with his top above the " clouds ; there was frozen Caucafus, and " Taurus, and Imaus, and the mountains " of Afia ; and yonder, towards the north, ftood the Riphsan hills, clothed in ice and fnow.
Page 25 - God! from whom all blessings descend, whom the storm and the thunder obey, preserve us from error; deign to inform our minds; attach us to that eternal reason by which Thou art guided and supported in the government of the world; that being ourselves honored we may also honor Thee, as becomes feeble and mortal beings, by celebrating Thy works in an uninterrupted hymn; for neither the inhabitant of earth, nor the inhabitant of heaven can be engaged in a service more noble than that of celebrating...
Page 81 - And therefore, if we fhould fuppofe mufical chords extended from the fun to each of the planets, they would all found the fame note, if they were refpectively ftretched with forces fufficient to make the gravities of the planets...
Page 186 - Indeed, they alone were reputed happy in this life, and they died in the hope of entering into a state of still greater felicity. As one of them was boasting of the blessings that were destined for him : ' Why then do you not go to enjoy them ?

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