An Elementary Treatise on Optics, Volume 2

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Taylor, 1851

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Page 161 - HODGSON -MYTHOLOGY FOR LATIN VERSIFICATION. A brief Sketch of the Fables of the Ancients, prepared to be rendered into Latin Verse for Schools.
Page 167 - POPULAR ASTRONOMY. Containing How to Observe the Heavens. The Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets. Light, Comets, Eclipses, Astronomical Influences, &c. 182 Illustrations, 4*. 6d. THE BEE AND WHITE ANTS: Their Manners and Habits. With Illustrations of Animal Instinct and Intelligence.
Page 164 - From the Invention of Printing to the present time ; being Brief Notices of a large Number of Works drawn up from actual inspection.
Page 165 - CONTENTS:— The Planets; are they inhabited Worlds? Weather Prognostics. Popular Fallacies in Questions of Physical Science. Latitudes and Longitudes. Lunar Influences. Meteoric Stones and Shooting Stars. Railway Accidents. Light. Common Things. — Air. Locomotion in the United States.
Page 165 - Elementary Treatise on Optics. Part II. Containing the Higher Propositions, with their application to the more perfect forms of Instruments. 8vo.
Page 162 - ITALIAN. Smith's First Italian Course; being a Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Elements of the Italian Language. Edited from the German of FILIPPI, after the method of Dr. AHN. 12mo.
Page 166 - Popular Physics. Containing : Magnitude and Minuteness— Atmosphere— Thunder and Lightning — Terrestrial Heat— Meteoric Stones — Popular Fallacies— Weather Prognostics — Thermometer— Barometer — Safety Lamp — Whitworth's Micrometric Apparatus — Electro-Motive Power — Sound— Magic Lantern— Camera Obscura— Camera Lucida— Looking Glass — Stereoscope ^Science and Poetry. (From "The Museum of Science and Art.") With 85 Illustrations. 2s. 6d. cloth lettered. * Lardner's...
Page 166 - Containing : Air— Earth— Fire— Water— Time— The Almanack— Clocks and Watches— Spectacles — Colour— Kaleidoscope— Pumps— Man— The Eye — The Printing Press — The Potter's Art — Locomotion and Transport — The Surface of the Earth, or First Notions of Geography. (Prom "The Museum of Science and Art.") With 233 Illustrations.
Page 167 - Diagrams, coloured, 15s., illustrating the following subjects: 1 and 2. Composition of Forces.— 3. Equilibrium.— 4 and 5. Levers. —6. Steelyard, Brady Balance, and Danish Balance. — 7. Wheel and Axle.— 8. Inclined Plane.— 9, 10, 11. Pulleys.— 12. Hunter's Screw.— 13 and 14. Toothed Wheels — 15. Combination of the Mechanical Powers. WALTON AND MAHERLY. LOGIC. De Morgan's Formal Logic ; or, The Calculus of Inference, Necessary and Probable.
Page 165 - Stellar Universe — The Tides — Colour — Common Things : Man — Magnifying Glasses — Instinct and Intelligence — The Solar Microscope — The Camera Lucida — The Magic Lantern — The Camera Obscura — The Microscope — The White Ants...

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