The History of the People Called Quakers, Volume 2

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Darton and Harvey, 1799

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Page 262 - ... interefts; not doubting the performance of what thou haft been fo lovingly pleafed to promife, we do in much humility, and as a token of our gratitude, return unto thee the unfeigned thanks of this houfe. ' Subfcribed by order of the houfe,
Page 180 - And as abruptly and brokenly as sometimes his sentences would fall from him, about divine things, it is well known they were often as texts to many fairer declarations.
Page 260 - Pennsylvania ; but, during his absence, some persons endeavoured to undermine both his and other proprietary governments, under pretence of advancing the prerogative of the crown ; and a bill for that purpose was brought into the house of lords. His friends, the proprietors and adventurers then in England, immediately represented the hardship of their case to the Parliament ; soliciting time for his return to answer for himself, and accordingly pressing him to come over as soon as possible. He...
Page 205 - Cags, and put them down before us, and make us drink; and get all the Skins that should go to pay the Debts we have contracted for Goods bought of the Fair Traders; and by this Means, we not only ruin ourselves, but them too. These...
Page 262 - Assembly, read thy speech, delivered to ns, yesterday, in Council, and, having duly considered the same, cannot but be under a deep sense of sorrow for thy purpose of so speedily leaving us; and, at the same time, taking notice of thy paternal regard to us and our posterity, the Freeholders of this Province and Territories annexed, in thy loving and kind expressions of being ready to comply with whatsoever expedient and...
Page 180 - God sent him, that no arts or parts had any share in the matter or manner of his ministry ; and that so many great, excellent, and necessary truths as he came forth to preach to mankind, had therefore nothing of man's wit or wisdom to recommend them ; so that as to man he was an original, being no man's copy.
Page 118 - I told him, it was a good work to bring them to the knowledge of God and Christ Jesus, and to believe in Him that died for them, and for all men : and that that would keep them from rebelling, or cutting any man's throat : but if they did rebel, and cut their throats (as he said) it would be through their own doings, in keeping them in ignorance and under oppression: giving them liberty to be common with women (like...
Page 333 - To a people prof effing that the ufe of arms is to them unlawful; a people who reverence the glorious gofpel declaration of good will to men, and fervently wifh for the univerfal eftablifhment of peace, its return mufl be highly acceptable.
Page 260 - I might stay so long at least with you as to render everybody entirely easy and safe ; for my heart is among you as well as my body, whatever some people may please to think : and no unkindness or disappointment shall, with submission to God's providence, ever be able to alter my love to the country and resolution to return and settle my family and posterity in it...

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