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T. Cadell, 1770

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Page 96 - Sinks from its tumult to a silent brook; So, when the frantic raptures in your breast Subside, you languish into mortal man. You sleep, and waking find yourself undone; For, prodigal of life, in one rash night, You lavish more than might support three days. A heavy morning comes; your cares return • With tenfold rage.
Page 49 - And tottering empires rush by their own weight. This huge rotundity we tread grows old, And all those worlds that roll around the sun. The sun himself shall die, and ancient night Again involve the desolate abyss, Till the great father through the lifeless gloom Extend his arm to light another world, And bid new planets roll by other laws.
Page 75 - But pliant nature more or less demands, As custom forms her; and all sudden change She hates of habit, even from bad to good. If faults in life, or new emergencies, From habits urge you by long time confirm'd, Slow may the change arrive, and stage by stage; Slow as the shadow o'er the dial moves, Slow as the stealing progress of the year.
Page 91 - And quick vibrations through the bowels drive The restless blood ; which, in unactive days, Would loiter else through unelastic tubes. Deem it not trifling while I recommend What posture suits ; to stand and sit by turns, As nature prompts, is best. But o'er your leaves To lean for ever, cramps the vital parts, And robs the fine machinery of its play.
Page 98 - tis yours, 'tis mine," He said; "'tis the pursuit of all that live: Yet few attain it , if 'twas e'er attain'd. But they the widest wander from the mark, Who through the...
Page 93 - Hence some for love, and some for jealousy, For grim religion some, and some for pride, Have lost their reason : some for fear of want, Want all their lives ; and others every day For fear of dying suffer worse than death.
Page 88 - Meanwhile this heavenly particle pervades The mortal elements; in every nerve It thrills with pleasure, or grows mad with pain. And, in its secret conclave, as it feels The body's woes and joys, this ruling power Wields at its will the dull material world, And is the body's health or malady.
Page 18 - Th' etherial deep with endless billows chafes. His purer mansion nor contagious years Shall reach, nor deadly putrid airs annoy. But may no fogs, from lake or fenny plain, Involve my hill!
Page 49 - Through tedious channels the congealing flood Crawls lazily, and hardly wanders on ; It loiters still : and now it stirs no more. This is the period few attain ; the death 53& Of nature ; thus (so Heaven ordain'd it) life Destroys itself; and could these laws have changed, Nestor might now the fates of Troy relate ; And Homer live immortal as his song.
Page 31 - Constraint to leave his happy natal seat, And sigh for wants more bitter than his own ? There are, while human miseries abound, A thousand ways to waste superfluous wealth, Without one fool or flatterer at your board, Without one hour of sickness or disgust. But other ills th...

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