The Life and Correspondence of Robert Southey, Volume 1

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1849

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Page 242 - Often together have we talked of death ; How sweet it were to see All doubtful things made clear ! How sweet it were with powers Such as the cherubim To view the depth of heaven ! O, Edmund ! thou hast first Begun the travel of eternity ! I look upon the stars, And think that thou art there, Unfettered as the thought that follows thee.
Page 220 - He told me that the strength of my imagination had intoxicated my reason, and that the acuteness of my reason had given a directing influence to my imagination.
Page 305 - Of all the lions or literati I have seen here, Mary Imlay's countenance is the best, infinitely the best : the only fault in it is an expression somewhat similar to what the prints of Home Tooke display — an expression indicating superiority ; not haughtiness, not sarcasm, in Mary Imlay, but still it is unpleasant. Her eyes are light brown, and although the lid of one of them is affected by a little paralysis, they are the most meaning I ever saw. ... As for Godwin himself, he has large noble eyes,...
Page 219 - Beauty, and its security from hostile Indians — Every possible assistance will be given us. We may get credit for the Land for ten years or more as we settle upon it — That literary characters make money there, that etc., etc.
Page 243 - Edmund ! we did not err ! Our best affections here They are not like the toys of infancy ; The Soul outgrows them not ; We do not cast them off: Oh, if it could be so, It were indeed a dreadful thing to die ! Not to the grave, not to the grave, my Soul, Follow thy friend beloved ; But in the lonely hour, But in the evening walk, Think that he companies thy solitude ; Think that he holds with thee Mysterious intercourse ; And, though remembrance wake a tear, There will be joy in grief.
Page 180 - Many and various elements could mingle in young brains a-seethe with revolution and romanticism. The fresh air and quickened blood at least put Southey into excellent spirits. " We must walk over Scotland ; it will be an adventure to delight us all the remainder of our lives : we will wander over the hills of Morven, and mark the driving blast, perchance bestrodden by the spirit of Ossian...
Page 224 - O'er the ocean swell Sublime of Hope I seek the cottag'd dell Where Virtue calm with careless step may stray; And, dancing to the moon-light roundelay, The wizard Passions weave an holy spell!
Page 243 - Unfetter'd as the thought that follows thee. / And we have often said how sweet it were With unseen ministry of angel power To watch the friends we loved. Edmund ! we did not err ! Sure I have felt thy presence ! Thou hast given A birth to holy thought, Hast kept me from the world unstain'd and pure. Edmund ! we did not err ! Our best affections here They are not like the toys of infancy ; The Soul outgrows them not ; We do not cast them off...
Page 242 - NOT to the grave, not to the grave, my Soul, Descend to contemplate The form that once was dear : The Spirit is not there Which kindled that dead eye, Which throbbed in that cold heart, Which in that motionless hand Hath met thy friendly grasp ; The Spirit is not there...

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